knock their socks off tea cakes

Sometimes you just want to WOW! folks with a small dessert. Petit fours, or small tea cakes, can easily do the job and can be prepared quick as a whistle,  if you know a few secrets from the bakery. The … Continue reading

bolognese sauce

My favorite Italian sauce for pasta is red meat sauce, because it is rich, hearty, and full of goodness. Many think it is called Bolognese sauce, and comes from northern Italy, but true Italian red sauce is quite simple, made … Continue reading

macaroni & cheese

Macaroni & cheese — who doesn’t like it?? It’s a go to recipe for comfort food, and there are as many recipes out there for this dish as there are cooks! But, I am not a fan of this great … Continue reading

macaroni & cheese, roux-based

  This roux-based dish is a bit more complex recipe that requires about 20 minutes more cooking time than the cream-based macaroni & cheese, but it is more traditional. Fewer calories, but  still a family favorite. For the smoothest sauce, … Continue reading

onions — a chef’s second best ingredient

OK, so what’s the first? Salt, of course. But one of the most common ingredients in cooking is onions. Widely used as a flavor base around the globe, onions provide a sweet, savory, sometimes hot flavor to cooked foods. Most … Continue reading