fresh corn

It’s that time again — fresh corn at the farmers market!! YUMM!! It is so tender and sweet. Of course, corn on the cob is am must, but I also like to turn my corn into more elegant sides, or … Continue reading

chili corn

I went to the farmers market yesterday — what a bounty of vegetables are available right now! It was hard to choose, there are some many gorgeous items. Then, I found a HUGE bin of chilies, and some fresh corn … Continue reading

grill roasted beet salad

Whew! It’s HOT! and I have just been to the farmers market, where I picked up the most beautiful beets — red, gold and chioga, those are the candy striped ones! Did you know that beets are a great source … Continue reading

summer spreads

This time of year I always have the opportunity to picnic with friends at a concert, or sale the sound on a boat, or simply share a cocktail on my patio — and I LOVE that! This evening, I am … Continue reading


I LOVE cooking with fresh thyme! The tiny herb, whose flavor is difficult to capture in words, adds a unique flavor and aroma. It is one of the most versatile herbs in American and European cooking, and you will find it pairs well … Continue reading


Mint — just the name makes my mouth feel cool. What a refreshing flavor this herb brings to the table! And, it’s quite versatile, paired with both sweet as well as savory dishes. Of course, we all associate mint with sweet … Continue reading


Chives — slender architectural appearance, with beautiful purple or white multi-flower blossoms are a beautiful addition to your herb garden, whether as a focal point or an entrance sentinel. Common chives, with the purple flowers, lend a flavor similar to onion, … Continue reading


Most home cooks have an aging jar of sage tucked away in the spice cabinet. It gets pulled out at Thanksgiving for stuffing,  and then relegated to the back of the cabinet once again. Don’t leave your sage lonely in there … Continue reading