Series Classes/Workshops

Series Classes

Sizzleworks offers several series classes, setting our school apart from other recreational cooking schools in the area. Our classes are uniquely focused on building techniques, skills and experiences to excel and enjoy their kitchens.

Cookwise, Fish, Sauce, Hispanic, Flavor


Learn the science and techniques behind great cuisine in our exclusive 16- week, hands-on series. Hone your skills, gain new experiences, extend you talents, enjoy great meals, make new friends and have a great time!
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How-to-Boil Water

This fun, 4-week hands-on series is designed for novice cooks, with an eye toward building foundational cooking skills for a lifetime.
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Real Foods for Life

This series was designed specifically to teach students dealing with cardiac, diabetes, obesity and other chronic health issues how to plan, prepare and enjoy meals that are healthy and conform to national dietary standards.
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Teen Camp

Visit cuisines from around the world with Chef Pam, and explore cooking techniques and their science, mouth-watering spices, fabulous food combinations, from all around the planet. A great way to spend a summer week with old friends … or make new ones!
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Kid's Camp

This fun, interactive, hands-on series is designed for kids in the kitchen, learning great cooking skills for a lifetime. Chef Pam makes cooking FUN! With American fare, Asian, Italian, Mexican foods & more, the kids will learn it all!
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Chef Carol will bring her expertise from years of entertaining in her own home to this series, as well as her favorite foods, tricks and secrets for make ahead preparations for holiday festivities. From planning to garnish, setting the table … Continue reading
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How to Boil Water, Stir Fry, Mexican Food

How-to-Boil Water II

The first series was so popular, we added a sequel! A basic series that will focus on additional culinary fundamentals guaranteed to turn even the most reticent cook into a confident one. This fun, interactive series is designed for novice cooks, with an eye toward extending the basic cooking skills to enhance your enjoyment of the kitchen for a lifetime.
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Cake baking is the most exacting of all types of cooking.


This fun, interactive series is designed for home cooks, with an eye toward building great cake baking skills for a lifetime — we want you to bake well and often, all while enjoying the process.
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