Who’s ready for football?? It’s that time of year, folks gathering for outdoor sporting events, kids, adults, sometimes indoors on TV. No matter what the sport, food takes center stage in my book. and something easy to transport, quick to … Continue reading

chive gnocchetti with peaches & tomatoes

Farmer’s market time! Potatoes, tomatoes, peaches … how does this go together??!! In mouth-watering dish that’s fit for Sunday dinner! Russet potatoes are the best choice for making gnocchetti. Be sure to bake or roast them as less moisture in … Continue reading

rosemary ‘smashed’ potatoes

I love these little guys, whether roasted inside in the oven or outside on the grill, they delight my senses with the aroma, the colors and the crunch! dinner or breakfast — either way they are scrumptious!! I like to … Continue reading

radishes with whipped sweet butter

It takes nearly as long to type the name of this dish as it does to assemble it! And, it is a work of art, painted with the colors of summer! I like to leave a tiny bit of the … Continue reading

onions — a chef’s second best ingredient

OK, so what’s the first? Salt, of course. But one of the most common ingredients in cooking is onions. Widely used as a flavor base around the globe, onions provide a sweet, savory, sometimes hot flavor to cooked foods. Most … Continue reading

sake raspberry vanilla glazed scallops

I am regularly tasked with creating recipes to pair with specific wines for winemakers dinners. One of my favorites, as well as my students faves is this scallop recipe. It was inspired by a truly beautiful sparkling rosé wine, of … Continue reading

grill roasted beet salad

Whew! It’s HOT! and I have just been to the farmers market, where I picked up the most beautiful beets — red, gold and chioga, those are the candy striped ones! Did you know that beets are a great source … Continue reading

insalata caprese al inverno

Ah, the weather got you down? We have seen bit of sun lately, but it’s COLD! I like to make this salad in the dead of winter, because I like to cook seasonally, and because it cheers up my tastebuds! … Continue reading

cooking with Guinness

Ahh, the wearing’ o’ the green is upon us, and I am always intrigued with making a dish or two with a bit of Guinness! Why cook with beer? Because it is a unique ingredient. Its carbonation will make for … Continue reading