Chef Carol will bring her expertise from years of entertaining in her own home to this series, as well as her favorite foods, tricks and secrets for make ahead preparations for holiday festivities. From planning to garnish, setting the table and the mood, your party will be quick, easy, fun, and an enormous success.toast!

Lots of do-ahead-diva advice, beautiful presentation techniques, how to plan and execute the party, including a timeline for your prep needs. With just a few finishing touches before your guests arrive, you’ll be party-ready.

Set it up, fire it up, LIVE it up! You are gonna SHINE!


The Entertainer: International Appetizers

An internationally inspired menu of hors d’oeuvres and nibbles to grace your table, inspire your palate and enjoy with friends and family. Learn the secrets of the catering trade, how to prepare in advance, and techniques to present your creations with elegance.beef teriyaki skewers 4

  • 4 to go
  • ricotta tartine
  • butternut squash tart with fried sage
  • beef teriyaki skewers
  • morrocan baked brie
  • peppered frico
  • flaming cambodian prawns
  • cream of anything soup shots
  • chocolate ganache tartlets


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The Entertainer: Entrées and Sides

Will you be hosting a holiday meal? Alleviate your fears, prepare a sumptuous feast and feel confident to open the door to your guests and family with a smile. Chefs Ricky & Carol will cover sumptuous entrées and sides, with vegetarian options (always a good thing). Set a beautiful table, light the candles, and enjoy a lovely dinner.braised carrots

  • antipasti tray of pickled & roasted vegetables, salumi
  • pork tenderloin in port cranberry sauce
  • turkey breast with tuscan herbs
  • autumn champagne risotto
  • green beans with lemon vinaigrette and gremolata
  • butter braised carrots


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The Entertainer: Dessert Extravaganza

Dessert is the most essential and anticipated part of any meal, especially during the holidays. So why not create an entire party that’s devoted only to desserts? Sure, this idea is a bit off center, but a dessert party is the ultimate holiday event.

Unexpected, festive, and ever so slightly decadent. A desserts-only bash is also an amazingly carefree way to entertain, because everything can be made ahead. With just a few finishing touches before your guests arrive, you’ll be party-ready.White Poionsetta

  • pumpkin buttermilk panna cotta w/ brandied whipped cream
  • chocolate raspberry decadence w/ white chocolate leaves
  • margarita bars
  • white chocolate coconut tartlets
  • chocolate dipped fruits
  • and more…. (how to use prepared products to the MAX!)
  • champagne mocktails

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