How-to-Boil Water II

How-to-Boil Water II

How to Boil Water, Cocktail Party, Cheers


The first series was so popular, we added a sequel! A basic series that will focus on additional culinary fundamentals guaranteed to turn even the most reticent cook into a confident one. This fun, interactive series is designed for novice cooks, with an eye toward building additional great cooking skills for a lifetime — from fabulous breakfasts to hosting parties, we want you to cook well and cook often, all while enjoying the process. Begin at the beginning — simple & successful!

Session 1 - Breakfast

How to Boil Water, Frying eggs, breakfast

Frying Eggs

Egg science

Session 2 - Grill

How to Boil Water, Stir Fry, Mexican Food


Grill Equipment & Tools
Grilling Techniques

Session 3 - Slow Cooking

How to Boil Water, Slow Cooking, Braising, Sherry Braised Pork Chops

Sherry Braised Pork Chops

Science of Slow Cooking
Plan-over Techniques

Session 4 - Cocktail Party

BreiParty Planning
Timing & Execution

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